Unicorn Party Ideas

10 inexpensive IDEAS to enjoy the best UNICORN PARTY

10 inexpensive IDEAS to enjoy the best UNICORN PARTY

Do you need some ideas for unicorn party? The unicorn parties are here to stay. It is a trend that has been with us for some years now, and that every day adds more followers.

Why do we love Unicorns so much? It is definitely because they are so cute, cute, funny, magical and full of color.

And if they are accompanied by rainbows, even better.

If you are going to have a unicorn party for your children, keep reading this post, full of ideas

What do you do at a unicorn party?

  • Coloring pages of unicorns (ages 3-6)
  • Decorating Unicorn Cookies with Royal Frosting (Ages 5-12)
  • Decorating Unicorn Cupcakes (Ages 5-12)
  • Unicorn Dress Up (Ages 5-12)
  • Making Edible Unicorn Horns with Fondant (Ages 5-12)
  • Getting unicorn tattoos (ages 5-8)
  • Magic Unicorn Makeup (Ages 5-8)
  • Adorn unicorn bracelets (ages 5-8)
  • Playing unicorn jenga (ages 8-12)
  • Putting the tail on the unicorn (ages 8-12)

What do you need for a unicorn party?

  • Unicorn cake
  • Unicorn cupcakes
  • Unicorn party supplies
  • Unicorn Balloons
  • Unicorn Costumes
  • Rainbow decoration
  • Unicorn candy table
  • Unicorn selfie frame
  • Unicorn Happy Birthday Band
  • Unicorn Games

What are some good party ideas?

  • Definitely have a unicorn cake
  • The whole family and guests can dress up as a unicorn
  • Making unicorn cupcakes
  • Make unicorn decorations yourself
  • Make unicorn games
  • Painting unicorns
  • Unicorn makeup

1. Definitely have a unicorn cake

Anyway, there must be unicorn cake. You have to read this post, where I give you all the details on how to prepare a spectacular unicorn cake for yourself.

2. The whole family and guests can dress up as a unicorn

All the guests, and even the family can play dress up as a unicorn, with rainbow colored clothes, a horn and magic makeup, all are good ideas for unicorn party.

3. Making unicorn cupcakes

In addition, you can buy some delicious cupcakes and decorate them with the following items. Buy on Amazon.

4. Make unicorn decorations yourself

Ideas for unicor party | You have to decorate the whole place with unicorns, balloons, tablecloths, glasses, plates, here I leave you my best data.

To decorate the place you can use many balloons in the colors of the rainbow. Unicorns and rainbows are definitely best friends.

5. Make unicorn games

Now, watch these videos carefully for some ideas for unicorn party!

6. Painting unicorns

Download FREE from our site, some cute unicorn coloring page printable, print them, and paint it at the party, what good ideas for unicorn party! You must have many colored pencils, papers, glitter, glue and children’s scissors, to let your imagination fly.

7. Unicorn makeup

Buy some makeup suitable for children, here I leave you my favorite Amazon selection, at very cheap prices, and make up the children at the party. Check out this video for great ideas for unicorn party.

To finish, I recommend that you prepare your party in advance, buy all the items and enjoy a lot!

10 inexpensive IDEAS to enjoy the best UNICORN PARTY
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10 inexpensive IDEAS to enjoy the best UNICORN PARTY
Throwing a unicorn party? You have to check out the best unicorn party ideas 2021 trend. Read this post full of ideas to decorate your party.
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